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  • Chinese Centralist Daily News -- January 27, 1938
    A Bulletin from the Chicago Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (Education)

    The Chinese adult school sponsored by this association is at last ready for commencement.

    We have engaged Mr. C. S. Chang and Miss I. T. Yi to instruct the various classes.

    The commencement date will be February 14th, 1938.

    We learn that Mr. Chang is a graduate of Kuo-min university in China and was on the staff of the Canton State Normal School. He has been a student on the Standford university.

    Miss Yi is a graduate from Chung-San University in China and now 2a student at the Chicago University doing research work. She was formerly a senior high teacher at Canton State Normal for girls.

    Both Mr. Chang and Miss Yi have had excellent scholarship and rich educational experiences.

    Those who desire to learn should register early in order to avoid possible exclusion from the limited number acceptable

    Registration office will be the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, It is open from 3 P.M. to 10 P.M. every day. Registration will end on February 2, 1938.

    There will be no tuition fee except 50 cents a month per student for class expenses.

    Jan. 26, 1938

    I A 3, II D 1