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  • Svornost -- December 20, 1881
    Vaclav Denoch

    Vaclav Lenoch, died in the county hospital in Milwaukee, Wis. He was widely known in Bohemian-American circles as one of our foremost actors. He was born in 1846 and came to America in 1869, living in Chicago intermittently. About two years ago he moved to Racine and from there to Milwaukee.

    The theatre was his universe; all his powers, all his existence and his very life were dedicated to the theatre. How well he knew the theatre! With his comedy he caused tears and laughter, and with his tragedy, tears of sorrow and city. Vaclav Lenoch was uncommonly talented in many ways; he painted, wrote, translated and composed poetry. Our foremost post, V. Snajdr, praised several of Lenoch's poems and published them in his paper.

    Lenoch was a contributor to "Ducha Casus and to "Svornost": he translated the theatrical play, "Robert and Bertram", and in other ways took part in our nationalistic movement.

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