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This article was published in 1902.
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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 09, 1902
    [Immigrants Charged with Lower Wages]

    American employees and employers alike, charge immigrants are guilty of lowering wages and creating competition through cheap labor. We must admit that this accusation is partly true. The immigrant upon his arrival in this land is ignorant of local conditions and easily becomes the instrument of conscienceless profiteers, almost always Americans. Various henchmen work to deliver the immigrant into sweatshops, where he is forced to labor to exhaustion for such low wages that this promised land becomes a hell on earth for him, and he the unwilling tool that hurts the interests of all other workingmen. It is the duty of American Bohemians to so conduct themselves that such an accusation can not be made against our countrymen. We should take care of this, both individually and collectively. In this matter we must again point to the Germans, who have immigration offices in all the larger cities, where the immigrant is given information and help, and in some instances, a job is procured for him.

    Bohemian labor organizations and societies ought to take this matter under consideration, and endeavor to put our immigrant brothers on the right road, so that they may not become the victims of bad people through their own unfamiliarity with local conditions.

    III G, I C, I H, III A