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This article was published in 1902.
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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 09, 1902
    Immigration Restriction

    We take notice of all sorts of things; we take sides according to political or religious beliefs; we want to force our convictions upon one another; we argue about trifles; while the enemies, not only of us, but of all immigrants, industriously and harmoniously work against and dangerously threaten our existence. In Congress, there was introduced a whole batch of proposals directed at the restriction of immigration. These proposals, if they become law, along with those which are directed against anarchists and other radicals, who, however, have an anti-immigration tendency, will have the effect that, in forty or fifty years, Bohemian-Americans will not fight or argue among themselves - because there will not be any here. No one among us takes any notice of this danger which threatens us.

    The Germans, in all the larger American cities, have already banded together and are violently agitating against this restriction of immigration. They can accomplish nothing, however, if they are not supported by all the other immigrant groups, and all reasonable Americans, who realize that this land owes its growth to the industry and merits of the immigrants. It is about 2time for Bohemians to come to some kind of an understanding as to what should interest all of us and quickly and harmoniously defend it.

    III G, I C