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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- November 06, 1911
    Meeting of the United Czech Building and Loan Societies

    The representatives and members of the boards of directors of the Czech Building and Loan Societies of Chicago met yesterday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in the former reading room of the Pilsen Sokol in order to discuss jointly the interests of these societies and their shareholders. The meeting was brought to order by the president of the United Czech Building and Loan Associations, Mr. Rudolph Mulac. Mr. Konrad Ricker, the secretary, then read the minutes of the June 25 meeting which were unanimously approved. The reading of communications received was the next order of business. The Building and Loan Association, Vlastenec (Patriot), announces that Mr. Joseph Z. Klenha was named as its authorized representative. The Cesko-Narodni (Bohemian National) Building and Loan Association applied for membership in the League of Building and Loan Associations, and requests that it be furnished with application forms and information as to how much it is to pay in dues. John A. Ouska & Company forwards two letters from the Chicago 2Directory Company with a report in regard to the small number of Building and Loan Associations in Chicago which applied for listing in the directory for the year 1910. Mr. Ouska, who was present, reported that he took steps to have the listing in the directory done without charge. A communication was received from the Secretary of the State League of Building and Loan Associations requesting the sending of final reports on the activities and assets of the member Associations. A bill for $10 received from Svornost, which Mr. Dobias took upon himself to settle. A bill for $6.10 was received from the Narodni Tiskarna (National Printing Company). All communications were noted and bills ordered paid. Dues receipts amounted to $6. Disbursements for printing $6.10; rent of hall $2.

    Reports of Committees

    The secretary, Mr. K. Ricker, reports that the committee at the convention 3was also represented by Messrs. Rousek, Janda, Hajicek, and Voborsky, who would be best able to make a report to those present. Mr. J. J. Janda then explained that the convention was one of the best ever held, and which he considers as a school, because experience is obtained there and the delegates came away with information which they could use to the advantage of the Associations or the League. No changes or other important matters were discussed. The secretary merely mentioned the naming of the Associations, but no action was taken. Mr. Hajicek says that a copy of the minutes of the convention will be sent to every member of the State League free of cost, and nonmembers will be able to secure copies for a nominal charge of ten cents. The secretary, Mr. Konrad Ricker, said that the convention was very educational, but he does not agree with the agitation to unite with European Associations. He does not think anything can result from it because the European Associations are managed differently altogether than here. He reports that the convention of the United States League of Building and Loan Associations will be held in Atlantic City, and matters concerning the Associations of the southeastern part of the country will be 4the chief object of discussion. Mr. J. J. Janda then read a report prepared by Mr. Joseph Voborsky about the convention of the Illinois State League of Building and Loan Associations. The convention was held in Freeport, Illinois, and was of two days duration. Czech Building and Loan Associations make up fully one-fourth of the membership of this league.

    The following Czech delegates represented the Czech Associations at the convention: Messrs. John L. Novak, Frank J. Petru, Joseph J. Janda, Frank G. Hajicek, Joseph Hajicek, Joseph J. Rousek, Konrad Ricker, Joseph A. Cerny, Karel V. Janovsky, Felix Janovsky, Rudolph Mulac, William A. Kos, Frank Duffek, Adolph Macal, Joseph Z. Klenha, Joseph J. Petrik, James F. Bambas, Stephan Kovac, T. P. Gallistel, and Joseph V. Voborsky. The meeting was called with the presence of 128 delegates, representing 275 Building and Loan Associations. All details of the important program were completed. The State of Illinois is divided into twenty-four districts, and each district has its own delegate, who looks after conditions in his 5district and makes annual reports on the condition of the Building and Loan Associations, also reports what changes should be made to improve conditions, and what procedure should be discontinued because it retards the growth of the Building and Loan Associations.

    The Illinois League was organized thirty-two years ago for the protection and in the interests of the Building and Loan Associations. During all this time, it has worked for the good of the Associations that they might rise to the level of financial institutions organized for the poorer class of people. The banks see in the Building and Loan Associations a powerful rival in the financial business, and for that reason they attempt to have various laws passed by legislatures which restrict the activities of the Building and Loan Associations; also they present various propositions to the detriment of the Building and Loan Associations. It is these detrimental proposals which the League endeavors to defeat. There is a league of this kind in every State, and all States in turn have a national organization called "The Building and Loan Association League of the United 6States," to which delegates are elected from the State Leagues.

    There is a total of 550 Associations in the State of Illinois; of these 104 are Czech Associations. The total assets of all Illinois Associations is about $70,000,000; of this amount over $14,000,000 is in Czech Associations. There are about two hundred thousand members in the Illinois Associations; of these about twenty thousand are in the Czech Associations. The total assets of all Building and Loan Associations in the United States is around nine hundred fifty million dollars. The number of members is estimated at two million. If we consider that our Czech Building and Loan Associations control a capital of fourteen million dollars, we must come to the realization of how much good they do for our people, how many homes are built, and how many families are made happy. The League also has seen to the passage of various proposals and the rejection of legislation both detrimental and injurious to Building and Loan Associations. After various motions had been disposed of, the convention proceeded to the election of officers for the next year ..... After the reading of this report of 7which only the most important parts are published here, Mr. J. J. Janda moved that a vote of thanks be given to the delegate who wrote up the report and to the newspapers for publishing it. The motion was approved enthusiastically. Mr. Hajicek moved that Mr. Joseph Voborsky be requested to put this report in pamphlet form and distribute it to all Building and Loan Associations prior to next year's convention. Mr. Janda agrees with the motion and supports it all the more because the members know very little about the State League. Since they do not notice such reports in newspapers, many Associations would be willing to spend a few dollars in order to inform their membership with the fact that it is proper to consider Building and Loan Associations as financial institutions. Mr. Novak moves that the issue of the pamphlets would be very beneficial, and especially for secretaries, who do not belong to the League, would find it easier to gain information for the League. He, therefore, recommends that the pamphlets be prepared at once. He moved that 10,000 copies be printed and then distributed to the Associations for a definite price. The president, Mr. Rudolph 8Mulac, recommends that the distribution of the pamphlets be postponed because this year's circulation is already quite large. Mr. Smejkal then moved that the whole matter be left in abeyance for this year, and that nothing be done until next year when the report will be more thoroughly prepared. With that, the debate ended and the motion was approved. Mr. Janda then read his convention speech.....

    The secretary, Mr. Ricker, announces that this year's increase in membership was one of the largest ever experienced. He stated that seventy-five Czech Building and Loan Associations are already in the United Czech Building and Loan Association League, and that there still are thirty-two Associations which have not yet applied..... Mr. Hajicek recommends that funds of Associations be deposited in the name of said Associations and all vouchers are to be signed by three members.

    A resolution was adopted that the United Czech Building and Loan Associations 9are released from all responsibility for the irregularities and embezzlement perpetrated in the Lev (Lion) Building and Loan Association, inasmuch as that Association was not a member of the United Czech Building and Loan Associations. The next meeting will be held on December 3.

    II F, IV