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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 02, 1915
    In Behalf of Slavic Mutuality

    According to letters from the members of the Bohemian medical expedition to the Balkans, there is an absolute lack of bandages and medicines in Serbia and Montenegro. Putting all their strength into one valiant effort, the Serbians have chased the Austrian Army out of Serbia, but in doing so, they have suffered immense losses. The worst part of this is the fact that in poor Serbia, there is a complete lack of medical and surgical material, and thousands of brave Serbian men are in danger of paying with their lives for the absence of proper treatment and care.

    Countrymen! A generous and noble American has donated $12,000, which has made it possible to send a Bohemian medical expedition to Serbia. It is up to us, the Slavs, to assure the success of the expedition by sending the medical material that is needed. The Cesko-Slovansky Pomocny Vybor (Bohemian-Slavonic 2Auxiliary Committee), through the American Red Cross, expects to send bandage material directly to the hands of our expedition. (There will be no shipping charges, and the material will be bought at manufacturers' prices.) The Vybor has appropriated the sum of one hundred dollars for this purpose in the hope that the Bohemian public will multiply it ten times. Those who are suffering cannot wait and must not be left waiting. Send your contributions to the Cesko-Americky Pomocny Vybor, at 1825 Blue Island Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, or to your daily newspaper. Designate your donations "for the Serbians".....

    Herewith, we are requesting the Bohemian newspapers to publish the above proclamation, to receive any money sent to them for this purpose, and to forward it to the Vybor without any delay, so that help can be sent to the Serbians promptly. ....In the name of the Slavic mutuality, help!

    For the Cesko-Americky Pomocny Vybor

    Jaroslav Victor Nigrin, secretary;

    James F. Stepina, president.

    II D 10, I G, IV