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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 04, 1902
    Jesuit Tricks

    The Benedictines, who have a Monastery on Allport Street and do everything imaginable there except that which would serve to honor the Roman Catholics and Bohemians in general, after the manner of Jesuits, do not stop to consider the method when they are concerned with the overpowering of an opponent. "The purpose indicates the method" is also their motto, but in this they differ from the Jesuits, in that the Jesuits really wanted to strengthen religion and defend its interests, whereas the Benedicts cared about nothing except, that they should be able to live well and merrily without working.

    For this purpose they pray, beg, threaten, call names, solicit, and also publish a newspaper. Narod is the exclusive organ of the Benedicts and not of the Catholics, because it only defends the interests of the Allport 2Monastery, and these, very often, are entirely different from those of Catholics in general, and Bohemians in particular.

    A favorite weapon, used almost in every issue of Narod is the lie. However, when it is really unsafe to publish a point-blank lie, Narod distorts the truth until it becomes impossible for any one to recognize it. Such is the case in that paper's reply, yesterday, to our article of Tuesday headed "Hrom A Peklo" (Thunder and Hell.) We called attention to the fact that the Benedicts controlled the proceedings of the meeting and, that only those people were elected upon the committee, who had their own business interests at heart in the damaging of Hlasatel. They were employees of Narod and stock-holders of Jednota. We proved, that both of these papers have very little reason to censure this paper from which, form instance, Jednota consistently clipped reports. All these facts were either distorted or cunningly concealed.


    That we disagree with Narod often and in many ways, that we advocate an altogether different viewpoint, we will not and never shall wish to deny. Even our subscribers from among the Catholics do not bear us any ill-will on that account. If they liked Narod, if Jednota pleased them, they would have subscribed to the papers long ago, because the Benedicts in their press and in their pulpits, have worked for their papers. Whenever we write editionally, we have in mind the welfare of the various Bohemian peoples, and never the interests of the Allport Street Monastery; therefore, it is not to be wondered at, if Narod does not like our articles.

    The following sentence turned out remarkably for Narod: "Who was it, that so boldly and falsely accused the Right Reverend Abbott Jaeger, Supreme Head of the Bohemian Catholics of Chicago, in the famous article which appeared in the Tribune? We did not accuse anyone. If we had done so, the Rev. Jaeger would have made use of it as he had threatened, and would have destroyed the "hateful" Hlasatel with one blow. He would not allow such 4an opportunity to pass had he the slightest hope of success. We brought this article and it was to our advantage that the Rev. Jaeger sent the correction to the Tribune. We are convinced, that the correction would never have been made if we had not called attention to the libel. Furthermore, there are many who maintain, that the actual writers of this libel had the main "say" at the Sunday meeting, called against Hlasatel. Also, we cannot understand how the Abbott Jaeger comes by his title "Supreme Head of the Bohemian Catholics of Chicago." We know that he is the Supreme Head of the Allport Street Monastery, but that he is some sort of Supreme Head, either elected or appointed, of all Bohemian Catholics of Chicago, of that we had no idea. Besides we are in free America; and since we are free to criticize the actions of the President, the Archbishop or the Pope, Narod must admit, that we will dare, at all times, to criticize the acts of the Rev. Jaeger or the Reverend's brothers.

    So far as morality is concerned Narod is the least entitled to give lectures about it to anyone. The hypocrisy and lie, which it cultivates, are not morality. One of the most foolish lies that Narod ever published was its assertion, that we organized some sort of secret society. Such 5societies, as it has in mind, were in existence long before Hlasatel saw the light of the world and were no Bohemian invention, but were spread among us from the circles of America, Irish, and German youth.

    To be sure, a lie more or less will make no difference to Narod. It is so "moral," that it is not capable of writing the truth, it only lies, baits and abuses. Even the members of the lowest secret society would be ashamed of such morality."

    II B 2 d 1, I C, III C