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This article was published in 1878.
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  • Svornost -- October 07, 1878
    [Vlasta Holds First Meeting]

    First meeting of the Chicago Bohemians Women's Society "Vlasta" was held in the hall of the "Telocvicne Jednoty Sokol" yesterday and brought together quite a large number of our ladies. It was resolved that the aims of the Society are to be educational and entertaining. Sick benefits were left out entirely.

    Altogether 57 members were present and proceeded to the election of officers, which resulted as follows: Mrs. Barb. Pitt, President; Mrs. Julie Kaspar, Vice President; Mrs. Klementin Novak as Secretary; Mrs. A. Splichal as Treasurer. Miss Anna Jurkov as agent.

    New members are accepted from the age of 15 years and initiation fees are fifty cents.

    II B 1 d