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This article was published in 1878.
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  • Svornost -- October 08, 1878
    [Vlasta Women's Society Organized]

    It is true, that Chicago Bohemians had once before a Women's Society under the name "Libuse" but this did not prove enduring as , after the great fire of 1871, they did not meet again. For eight years our Bohemian Society was without the noble influence of a Women's Organization. Today, we are able to warmly welcome again the first such organization which incidently takes the name "Vlasta".

    Upon the invitation of some of our more enlightened ladies a meeting was held the 6th of October in the"Tel. Jed. Sokol"(Gymnastic Society Sokol) Hall. After a lenghty debate as to what kind of lodge would be organized and what its aims are to be, it was unanimously agreed to name it "Vlasta" and that it should be educational and social. Some debate was also carried on about the subject of benefits but this did not meet with approval.

    When organization was perfected 57 ladies present came forward and accepted active membership by paying an initiatory fee of fifty cents. Thereafter monthly 2dues were set at .15ยข so that they would not be burdensome to anyone.

    "Vlasta" will hold their educational meetings separately from their social gatherings. The members will do considerable reading and the society will find a great help in the library, which is made up of books belonging to Tel. Jed. Sokol(Gymnastic Society Sokol) Besedy(Literary Club) and Svobodne Obce (Republic.) The books will be loaned without charge.

    We know there are among the membership several wise and experienced ladies who know how to handle these difficult beginnings with a firm hand, and when some of the new members become accustomed to Parliamentary Prodecure, it will be a pleasure to listen to their debates.

    II B 1 d, II B 2 a