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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- September 11, 1911
    Joseph Tomanek Talented Czech Artist in Chicago

    The ranks of Czech artists in America have been increased by one of our countrymen whose handling of brushes is a real art. We had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of this artist in the atelier of Mr. Vladimir Shamberk (Vladimir Samberk) located in Kimball Hall in the person of Mr. Joseph Tomanek. Mr. Tomanek was schooled in the art of interior decorating in the old country. This trade did not satisfy Mr. Tomanek. For that reason, he began to train himself in his art with water colors.

    Mr. Tomanek came to America about a year ago, and made his living by hard work such as almost every intelligent immigrant finds to be almost a necessity. He visited the atelier of Mr. Shamberk and asked to be allowed to complete his education in painting and to receive instruction so that he could make use of his talents. He showed Mr. Shamberk some of his water colors. Mr. Shamberk examined the work, and finding that he had real ability, accepted him into his atelier where he completed his training in painting. It can 2now be said of Mr. Tomanek that he is a real artist.

    We saw some of his paintings, outstanding of which are his "Othello and Desdemono," "Tarantela," a portrait of "Tolstoy," and many picturesque landscapes from the vicinity of Brookfield.....

    Mr. Joseph Tomanek is twenty-two years of age, and was born in Straznice, Hodonina, Moravia.

    He came to America from Praha, where he was employed before coming to this country.

    II B 1 b, IV