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This article was published in 1896.
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  • Svornost -- January 02, 1896
    [Ludwig's Society Gives Romantic Drama]

    "Eudwig's Society" started yesterday a New Year presenting on the stage a romantic drama entitled "A Nun Buried Alive" or "Knights Of the Cross In the Holy Land". Said play is very old and used to be played on the amateur stages years ago.

    The members of the society prepared beautiful costumes; nice and new sceneries adorned the stage. The interpretation of the main characters was good as always, the monologues were faultless, especially Mrs. Splavcova, Mrs. Lescinska and Mrs. Kollanska, also Mr. Novak, Splavcow and Fisher.

    Next Sunday there will be played a farce," Grocery Woman of 18th Place."

    II A 3 d 1