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This article was published in 1908.
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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- September 16, 1908
    Lawndale Businessmen's Association

    For some time in the past an association has been formed for the progress of businessmen in Ceska Californie, Bohemian California, Lawndale Section.

    It is the Lawndale Business Men's Association. The purpose of forming such an association is not only to foster friendship among the Bohemian businessmen but also for the benefit of the entire Lawndale section. Only active businessmen can be members of this association. At the last meeting held on the 9th day of September of this year a resolution was made and agreed upon. The programs or circulars will not accept any advertisements from clubs or lodges but will adhere, strictly to businessmen's advertisements.

    At this same meeting a standing committee was elected. Its tasks will be to see that the streets are decently paved and kept in repair, and that sufficient street lights and good sidewalks are provided. This will benefit not only the landlords, but also the tenants dwelling in the Lawndale district. A special committee will be formed whose duties will be in the line of advertising. The elected officers for the ensuing year are: James Jelinek, president; F. G. Hajicek, vice-president; Joseph J. Salat, treasurer, and Frank J. Karlovsky.


    The board of directors elected consists of the following persons: Messrs, F. G. Hajicek, James Jelinek, A. M. Jindra, James J. Kapsa, Frank J. Karlovsky, Edward F. Kounovsky, F. S. Prince, Joseph J. Salat and Frank Sebek. Thus far there are 45 members who belong to their association, all of which are businessmen. They are all Bohemians who reside from 22nd to 26th Streets.

    The membership applications are coming in steadily and are investigated as to the qualifications for membership of the applicants. The association adopted certain rules to which an applicant must agree to conform before he may be admitted into this association. An applicant must also come well recommended by one who is a member of the Lawndale Businessmen's Association. His business must be a legitimate one, otherwise such applicant is barred for membership. A much needed organization such as this should have been started a long time ago. We owe a debt of gratitude to the active Bohemian businessmen who took such interest in our section.

    II A 2, I D 1 b, IV