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This article was published in 1879.
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  • Svornost -- March 31, 1879
    Before the Battle.

    We stand today on the threshold of an important decision, whether our evil city government is to be continued; are we again to be surrendered to pillage by rapacious officeseekers and their numerous henchman or will we place in office honest responsible men, men of action, men, enthusiastic for the general welfare?

    Citizens there are four parties with full lists of candidates and you have plenty of material to choose from for the various offices. Republicans, Democrats, Socialists and Greenbackers come before you with their candidates asking for your support, promising more or less important things. Let us see however what happens to these preelection promises. Are they fulfilled? We answer, so far as the main issues are concerned, never. Did not the Republicans and Democrats promise you before each election, mountains and dales, did not they have mouths full of reform, did not they promise you, workingmen, that they would look after your needs, your interests? How did it turn out after election? It is needless to dwell upon for every child knows they kept none of their promises. They were concerned only with their own 2interests and those of the rich city plundering public utility companies. Many may object that a Socialist once elected may work otherwise, but previous experience and the sound elements from which the Socialist Labor Party is formed absolutely expel this thought.

    Our representatives in the State Legislature work in the interests of the working class and failing to achieve any apparent success, who is to blame for this- if not these Republicans and Democrats? In the city council we have so far only one representative of the Socialist Party, Citizen Fr. Stauber, and this representative of ours enjoys the confidence of all honorable citizens of Chicago. It was he that fought for the establishment of new schools, reading-rooms, public baths, and sewers in those districts of the city inhabited by the poorer classes of our citizens. He fought for the lighting and cleaning of streets in the neighborhoods peopled by working men. He endeavored to bring to the poor people, the same privileges which the rich tax dodgers enjoyed. Citizen Stauber worked sincerely and honorably and if he failed to enact our rightful demands, who again is to blame if not the 3Republicans and Democrats, these people who before election promised us endless reforms; then those, who believing the promises of these sharpers, elected them instead of honest socialists who are in sympathy with us. If we said nothing in behalf of our representative there would still remain one circumstance which assures him the grateful remembrance of all honorable taxpayers, and that is the conservation of over-payments in the amount of $300,000 on which the city accountant was drawing interest.

    Our officials have shown themselves to be honorable and would to God they remain so. Partly responsible for this is the fact that our candidates must agree to resign from office if the electorate desires it. Any one who wishes the reforms as shown in our principles should vote the Socialist ticket. He who wishes to support dishonesty, destructiveness and thievery should vote for the old parties, but should not moan afterward that he is being robbed.

    Our Ballot

    For Mayor--Ernest Schmidt; for City Treasurer--Fr. A. Stauber; for City Attorney--Harry Rubens: for City Clerk--Benjamin Sibley; For Aldermen--1st Ward-Nicolai H. Jorgensen; 2nd Ward--George A. Schilling; 3rd Ward-- H. L. Hull; 4th Ward--Louis Huth; 5th Ward--T. J. Morgan;


    6th Ward--J. J. Altpeter; 7th Ward--Frank Bielefeldt; 8th Ward--Henry Stahl; 9th Ward S. R. Rratt; 10th Ward--Robert Beck; 11th Ward--Harry Johnson; 12th Ward--Maz Zelle; 13th Ward--George Braun; 14th Ward--Reinhold Lorenz; 15th Ward-John Feltes: 16th Ward-Christian Meier; 17th Ward--James Lynn; 18th Ward--D. Van Devanter.

    North Town Officers.

    Assessor--J. C. Warner; Collector--Theo A. Schwennesen; Clerk--John Soller; Supervisor P. Mc Fadden;

    South Town Officers

    Assessor--John Paulsen; Collector--Henry Schmidt; Clerk-- T. P. S. Dusey; Supervisor Tom Ryan.

    West Town Officers.

    Assessor--O; A. Bishop; Collector--Daniel Sullivan; Clerk--Jacob Dilg; Supervisor--Martin Baumrucker.

    I F 6, I D 1 a, I E, I F 1, I F 3