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This article was published in 1904.
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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- September 04, 1904
    Town of Lake To the Bohemian Public and the Bohemian Businessmen Particularly

    Knowing well the unhappy condition of many Bohemian families in Tow of Lake, the providers of which are now found in a battle for their just demands against capital, the Association of Bohemian Businessmen in the town of Lake has resolved to appeal to everyone who can contribute, no matter how little, because in many families misery, a cruel guest, is beginning to appear.

    It is an unequal fight between capital and labor and if the packing-house barons win then that labor which is dependent upon the packing-houses for employment will not do very well.

    Many countrymen are to be found in their ranks and it is to these exclusively, that this relief will be distributed. The Association of Bohemian Businessmen of the Town of Lake elected committees, which are entrusted with collection sheets 2and we hope that every countryman will contribute his donation according to his means and that the committee will not be refused by anyone.

    For the Bohemian Businessmen's Association of the Town of Lake.

    Karel V. Janovsky, 1717 W. 47th St. Ant. Dubsky, 4714 S. Ashland Ave. F. B. Brom, 5002 S. Hermitage Ave.

    I D 2 a 4, I D 1 b, II A 2, IV