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  • Svornost -- May 10, 1881
    A Proclamation to All Bohemian Owners of Bakery Shops

    Bohemian bakery shop employees, at a meeting held Saturday afternoon, in the Hall of "Tel. Jed. Sokol" (Gymnastic Union Sokol), for the purpose of deciding the best method to secure the betterment of working conditions, accepted the following resolutions unanimously:

    (1) Publicly by means of the newspapers to notify all proprietors of bakery shops to install a twelve hour day and give a wage increase of ten per cent.

    (2) For every hour of work performed after 12 o'clock midnight, the worker is to be paid fifteen cents.

    (3) Those employees who are boarded by the employer, are to enjoy such food and quarters as are befitting a working man.

    (4) All those who work without board and room are to receive three dollars more weekly pay.

    (5) All proprietors of bakery shops are called upon to decide these points before Saturday, May 14 and announce their decisions to the Chairman of the Bohemian Bakers Union under the address of Hynek Kopp, 161 Bunker St.

    I D 2 a 3, I D 1 b, III A