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  • The Albanian Journal -- August 05, 1922
    Celebrate American Recognition of Albania Chicago Albanians Show Appreciation in Message to Secretary of State


    "Chicago, Illinois.

    "July 28, 1922.

    "Honorable Charles E. Hughes,

    "Secretary of State,

    "Washington, D. C.

    "Albanians of Chicago congratulate State Department for recognizing Albania.

    "The Albanian Journal

    "John Adams."


    [Acknowledgment of Telegram]

    "Department of State,

    "Washington, D. C.

    "August 2, 1922.

    "John Adams, Esquire.

    "P. O. Box 118,

    "Chicago, Illinois.

    "Sir: The receipt is acknowledged, with thanks, of your telegram dated July 28, expressing to the Secretary of State the congratulations of the Albanians of Chicago on the occasion of the recognition by this government of the independence of Albania.

    "For the Secretary of State,

    "Robert Woods Bliss, Third Assistant Sec'y."

    III H