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  • The Albanian Journal -- April 10, 1923
    Good Reasons to Help Albania

    Albania, a little known Balkan nation, was an ancient country long before the dawn of Grecian history. Commercial prospects in this new republic on the Adriatic Sea, three fourths the area of England, have been little exploited by American or European business.

    There are many reasons why Albania should appeal to American capital. The government is sound, and the finances of the country are in good shape, there being an unusually large gold supply for such a small European nation. The government is seeking American co-operation in education, commerce, agriculture, finance, and in church relationships. As Albania goes, so go all the Balkan states.

    Ten thousand Albanians who have attended school in the United States have returned to Albania to assist in the development of this Balkan country.


    The mountains--and Albania is indeed mountainous--contain an abundance of gold, silver, copper, and other ore. American capital will be interested in this.

    Albania's tobacco monopoly, until recently held by the British, has not been extended, and is now open to American interests. American businessmen will sail from New York, June 2, with Professor Elmer E. Jones and a group of Albanians for a tour of Albania.

    III H