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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- December 13, 1875
    Real Estate Uhlich Estate on the Market

    It will be of great interest to the public that the Uhlich tract, consisting of sixty acres, is to be sold. This valuable property is bounded by State Street, Wentworth Avenue, 22nd Street, and 27th Street. It belonged to Carl Gottlieb Uhlich, who died in the year 1867.

    The fact that the heirs were engaged in litigation probably explains why the land was never subdivided, although the city long ago spread to the south, east and west of that location. This also accounts for the fact that little building activity was apparent and all structures there were so greatly neglected. The ground was always a welcome place for circuses, menageries, and baseball players.

    Now that litigation has come to an end, all streets which cross the property, 23rd, 24th, Dearborn, and Arnold Streets, will be opened. The old wooden 2hovels, and probably also the dilapidated hotel on 22nd and State Streets, will be replaced by new structures and 22nd Street west of State Street is to be widened to conform to the measures of the east section of the street.

    The land was bought for a few thousand dollars in 1845 and is now valued at millions of dollars.

    The principal owners of the property are John Muehlke and Ernst Uhlich, who are also the administrators of the estate of C. G. Uhlich, deceased.

    Now that the litigation about the estate has been settled, the Uhlich Block on North Clark Street will be rebuilt.

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