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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- November 06, 1861
    The Chicago Arbeiterverein and Hecker's Regiment

    The Chicago Arbeiterverein is always ready to defend the freedom or the honor of the German name and to aid some worthy charity. Last Sunday evening the Verein sponsored an entertainment for the benefit of the shamefully neglected soldiers of General Hecker's regiment. At the opening of the entertainment, Mr. Theodor Hielscher, a teacher, made a very appropriate address. The rest of the program consisted of readings and vocal and instrumental musical selections. The song rendered by Mrs. Lauterbach deserves special recognition and was enthusiastically applauded.

    When we state in conclusion that the assembly acknowledged the educational progress which the Arbeiterverein has made, we merely repeat what we have stated before. In the business meeting of the Chicago Arbeiterverein, held last Monday, a committee was appointed to deliver the proceeds of the entertainment--fifty dollars--to the Ladies' Aid Society. The following letter, dated November 4, 1861, is proof that this committee performed its duty:


    "To Messrs. Kersten, Brentano, and Schoenemann, Members of the Committee of the Chicago Arbeiterverein:

    "Acknowledging receipt of $50, the proceeds from the entertainment given by the Chicago Arbeiterverein last Sunday evening, I thank you in the name of the soldiers of General Hecker's regiment, for whose benefit the money is to be used. This generous evidence of your sympathy for the cause of freedom and for the suffering and privations of our brave fighters will not be forgotten. The Ladies' Aid Society is very grateful to you for your contribution, and you may rest assured that the money will be used for the purpose for which it is intended.

    "In the name of the Ladies' Aid Society,

    Julie Butz."

    II D 10, III B 2, III D