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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 12, 1863
    For the Victims of the Fire

    Acting according to the old adage, "A dollar today is worth ten tomorrow", the undersigned formed a committee last Sunday to collect voluntary gifts to care for the immediate needs of those families that suffered losses in Saturday's fire. To date, we have collected $312.63, which we distributed among twenty-seven families--not a large sum when one considers that there are seventy-one children in these families. However, the amount was large enough to provide what they needed most.

    Having done what we proposed to do, we gratefully acknowledge the willingness with which the donors came to the aid of the unfortunates in this emergency.

    Following is a list of the names of the collectors and the sums which they received: Mr. Boehner, $26.70; Mr. Bouse, $7.75; Mr. Freiburger, $49.38; Mr. Hilpert, $6.50; Mr. Frank, $23.00; Mr. Mueller, $83.85; Mr. Werkmeister, 2$37.90; Mr. Leindecker, $6.25; Mr. Kappler, $3.50; Mr. Pollak, $10.00; Mr. Schwienk, $23.80; Mr. Ritzinger, $34.00.

    Families aided: German, 12; Irish, 7; American, 2; Bohemian, 2; Dutch, 1; Negro, 3.

    Chicago, September 10, 1863.

    The Committee:

    F. G. Mueller,

    L. H. Freiburger,

    R. M. Bouse,

    Xavier Ritzinger,

    Johann Roemer,

    Fred Frank,

    Members of the Chicago


    II D 10, III B 2