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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 22, 1863
    The Northwest Fair for the Support of Sick and Wounded Union Soldiers An Appeal to the German Ladies of Chicago (Editorial)

    As everybody knows, the local Ladies' Aid For The Support of Sick and Wounded Union Soldiers, recently suggested that a great fair be held, and that the entire Northwest be invited to participate, the proceeds to be placed at the disposal of the Chicago Board of Health. The idea was generally received very favorably not only in Illinois but also in neighboring states, and the fair will undoubtedly be the greatest Chicago has ever seen. It will be opened on Tuesday, October 27, at Bryan's Hall, and will continue for two weeks.

    The net proceeds are to be devoted to the support of sick and wounded Union soldiers, without respect to race, creed, or national origin. So German 2ladies will certainly give the project their full support. American ladies have had more than one opportunity to convince themselves of the fine quality of the handiwork of German ladies, and the latter will now have occasion to show that they are not only very skillful but also very patriotic.

    Mrs. Hoge and Mrs. Livermore, who head the enterprise, have requested that we ask the German ladies who wish to lend their aid to this praiseworthy, humane undertaking to meet at three o'clock this afternoon at Bryan's Hall, for the purpose of discussing some matters pertinent to the fair. The German ladies of Chicago will undoubtedly appear and will organize a German department.

    II D 10, I G, II B 1 c 3