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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- April 05, 1867
    The Moegling Society

    Yesterday, a package containing $2,500 in United States Government bonds was sent via United States Express to New York, from where it will be forwarded to its destination. Mr. Colvin, Superintendent of the United States Express Company, made no charge for the services of his organization. The package contains the following letter:

    "Mrs. Louise Moegling,


    "Kingdom of Wuerttemberg, Germany.

    "Dear Madam: Through an appeal published in a New York literary magazine by Doctor Heinrich Tiedemann, of Philadelphia, we received the sad news that your husband, Theodor Moegling, the German patriot and champion of liberty, who was wounded in the battle of Waghaeusel and suffered for his people for ten years in the prison at Bruchsal, is now a patient in an asylum for the 2insane as a result of brutal treatment at the hands of prison officers. We also learned that you have not the means to pay the cost of adequate medical treatment for your beloved husband, and that you and your small son are actually in need of the necessaries of life. Your cry for help has been heard here, and the Germans in the republic of North America have been deeply stirred, especially the Germans in the city of Chicago.

    "If Germany lets her patriots and her tested men starve, while her imperial generals are showered with wealth, then the free German citizens of this Union will have to pay the debt of gratitude to unfortunate and deserted patriots. As soon as we Chicago Germans were informed of the sad plight of Theodor Moegling, we established a Moegling Society, and since Doctor Tiedemann requested that immediate help be rendered, we sent $500 to you three days after we read the Doctor's appeal. In the meantime, we collected $2,500 and invested it in United States Government bonds. It was our intention to provide a safe investment from which you may draw a small but sure income, after having cared for your immediate needs. The first interest payment on 3the bonds is due May 1, and will amount to $75, or 1871/2 gulden, which you may collect by presenting the coupons to your bank. We hope and wish that this small investment will be increased to such an extent by contributions from Germans in other cities of the United States that you will be protected against want, and that you will no longer be harassed by worry while caring for the education of your son and attending to the recovery of your husband.

    "Should Theodor Moegling be blessed with a lucid moment when you are present, please tell him that there are men on the other side of the ocean who have not forgotten him and who will not permit tried and true patriots, or the members of their families, to suffer want.

    "Please accept our sincere sympathy in the severe trials and misfortunes that have beset you and your worthy husband.

    "Very respectfully yours,


    "The Committee of the Moegling Society,

    "Lorenz Brentano, chairman,

    "Heinrich Greenbaum, secretary,

    "Julius Standau, treasurer."

    When an acknowledgement of this gift is received, we shall publish it.

    II D 10, III H