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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 04, 1879
    Die Deutsche Gesellschaft

    The Executive Board of the Deutsche Gesellschaft (German Society) at its regular monthly session yesterday, considered the quarterly report of the city collector and the monthly report of the agent. The former showed that of the outstanding accounts, amounting to $367.75, $339.75 had been collected. The report of the agent follows:

    "During the past month the old year came to an end, a cold, bitterly cold departure, particularly for the poor and the destitute. Therefore, requests for aid and support were more numerous than in former months. Of course we cannot give to all applicants; our meager means do not permit it; nevertheless, only a few were refused. It is highly desirable that additional funds be procured to combat distress which will prevail within the next three months.

    "Last month 247 persons sought help and we gave donations, etc., amounting to $240.10. Altogether 763 persons called at our office seeking help of some kind.


    "This is the worst season for the great mass of our unemployed. Only 18 employers hired people, while 203 jobless persons applied for work; we could place a mere 39.

    "We procured hospital acceptance for 17 poor, sick people and provided means for temporary room and board to 43 persons.

    "Immigration, as usual at this time, presents a very weak figure, so there were only 200 arrivals of mixed nationalities in Chicago. Only a few of this contingent settled in the city; most of them continued their journey elsewhere."

    Mr. Beiersdorff in submitting his committee report anent the arrangements for an entertainment, showed that the negotiations with Mr. Liesegang involving the production of an opera or concert have not yet reached the final stage, but satisfactory results are expected within a few days.


    About ten new membership applications were in evidence, and steps have been taken to boost the ebbing cash resources--a temporary measure at least.

    II D 10, II D 3, II D 8, III G