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This article was published in 1884.
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  • Chicagoer Arbeiter Zeitung -- April 03, 1884
    [The German Society Ladies' Auxiliary]

    The directors of the German Society's Ladies Club held its monthly meeting yesterday. In the treasurer's report we find: Contributions received, $85.25; donations for the Altenheim fund through Mrs. Ebner $50.00; from the "Red Cross" Society $162.15 as half of the surplus from the collection for the Ohio flood-sufferers, for which the thanks of the directors will be expressed. Expenses were $85.25 for aid and $7.00 for collection. For aid in the month of April $65.50 was appropriated. A gold piece which was found at the anniversary festival ball, will be added to the Society fund, if not claimed by the loser at Mrs. F. Sommer's home, 2212 Archer Avenue.

    After resolving to call a general meeting for Tuesday the 8th inst. in order to prepare for the election of officers in Ulrich's Hall, adjournment took place.

    II D 10, II D 5