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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- March 12, 1890
    The German Young Men's Christian Association.

    The German Young Men's Christian Association arranged a lecture for its Club, yesterday, at the northwest corner of Clark and Wells Streets. Many friends of the Association, besides its sixty-seven members were present. Several choral selections were sung under the leadership of Chas. Weiss, organist of St. Paul's Church. At the conclusion of the musical activities, C. Gilbert Wheeler, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, and an instructor of long standing at Chicago University, was introduced to the assembly. His subject was a highly interesting and explicit dissertation, whereby he showed that the creation of the earth had been based on chemical principles, and that the many strange phenomena of nature are caused by a change of the particles which constitute matter. These molecular wonders he demonstrated, in a fascinating manner, by enabling us to see more than twenty experiments. A quartette gave several vocal selections, thereby contributing to the general enjoyment. Since this Association, which was founded only recently, (last summer) gives its entertainments in the German language and manner, Prof. Wheeler acquiesced by giving his intellectual lecture in the German language, which must have been both gratifying and surprising to his German audience. Prof. Wheeler has spoken 2German since his youth, and has had occasion to study it thoroughly during his official appointment as American Consul at Nurnberg, Germany.

    II D 6, I C, II B 2 g, III H