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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- March 05, 1885
    An Accomplished Agreement

    Yesterday was a day, which should be marked with red letters in the history of the German Altenheim (Old People's Home). The Altenheim Verein (Old People's Home Society), which on account of misunderstanding had been founded as a separate organization independently from the already existing Ladies' Club of the German Aid Society, held an extraordinary meeting yesterday afternoon at Uhlich's Hall, presided over by Mrs. Spengler. A great many women, who belonged as members to the presently dissolving Ladies' Club, came to this meeting. After a hearty address of welcome by Mrs. Spengler, a constitution was read regarding the purpose and objects of the new organization, which will have now the name "Frauen Verein Ses Deutsch en Altenheims" (Women's Society of the German Old People's Home).

    After the constitution was accepted by acclamation, the president, Mrs. 2Spengler made the announcement, that the restoration of peace and the foundation of the new Women's Society would be celebrated on the 18th of March at Uhlich's Hall.

    Until then the meeting was adjourned.

    II D 5