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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 29, 1885
    The Old People's Home (Das Altenheim)

    The Herren-Directorium (Men' Directorate) of the German Old People's home held a meeting yesterday in John Buehler's office. Those present were Messrs. Hesing, Buehler, Rosenthal, Voss,Bocke, Heissler, Hettich, Junker, Drayer, Wampold and Bauer.

    Architect Bauer submitted his construction plan for the new Altenheim, which would cost $25,000, with an additional $5,000, for heat, ventilation and light installations. A resolution was adopted to have the construction carried out according to the submitted and accepted plan.

    Concerning the purchase of a tract of land for the lay-out of a boulevard to the new Altenheim, the owner Mr. Quick will be requested to make out an "abstract of title", after Messrs Rosenthal and Bocke shall have examined the property title. The purchase will then be concluded.

    According to the construction plan, the new building, covering a space of 100 x 40 square feet, will have three stories and a basement. The northern main front will be made of pressed brick with a terra cotta filling towardsthe roof, bearing the inscription: Deutsches Hand im Neuen Land, Schirmes Gott mit 2starker Hand, which translated, means: German House in this new land - May God protect it with his strong hand.

    Otherwise the construction will be simple and fireproof. The basement will contain the apartments of the manager and his assistants, also a dining room 52 x 121/2 ft., two kitchens and a toilet, furthermore, a store room.

    The first floor will have eleven bedrooms, one parlor, one waiting room, one office, one bathroom and one toilet. Some of the bedrooms will be a little larger to make room for 2 beds besides the customary additional furniture. All interior construction will be made of hard pine wood, polished with oil.

    II D 5, I C, II F