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  • Chicago Times -- June 25, 1871
    The German Catholic Orphan Asylum

    The various German Catholic churches of this city have united in an effort to establish an asylum for their homeless little ones. A tract of land has been purchased, but only partially paid for, in the vicinity of Rose Hill, and it is to be hoped that the necessary means to erect a suitable building, as well as pay the balance due on the property, will soon be acquired. The bazaar in its aid, held at the North-side Turner hall, during the past week, was well patronized by the charitably disposed citizens, and it is thought that about $10,000 will be realized therefrom. One of the most remunerative schemes was the voting for a gold-headed cane and for a very valuable set of vestments. Ex-Ald. John Herting, of St. Joseph's church, won the cane, receiving a number of votes largely in excess of his competitors. St. Michael's parish won the vestments. Much credit is due to the ladies who labored so indefatigably for the success of the fair.

    II D 4