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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- August 25, 1875
    The Orphan's Festival

    "You are coming to the orphan's festival, are'nt you? We shall meet there this afternoon," were the stereotyped words with which acquaintances greeted each other on the streets. "What is going on today?" Americans passing through Clark Street would ask. There are so many people on the street. Something big must be going on. And something big was truly going on. The Germans knew what was the cause for these big crowds - it was the orphan's festival. From everywhere the Germans were coming - from Archer Avenue and Wentworth Avenue, from Halsted Street and Blue Island Avenue, from Milwaukee Avenue and from every street on the Northside. The orphans came around five o'clock accompanied by the matron, Mrs. Rathsfeld. The president of the orphanage, Mr. J. H. Micklke, led them to the stage and made a short address. Pastor Hartmann thanked the people for their great support.

    We hope that yesterday's celebration will become an annual affair. Yesterday's crowd was a proof that the Germans are eager to take care of their orphans and we hope that next year instead of ten thousand, fifty thousand will take part in the orphan's festival.

    II D 4