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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- August 12, 1879
    Consider the Orphans

    The annual festival of Uhlich's orphanage is scheduled for today. No other institution is more deserving of German patronage. With the exception of the Catholic Orphanage at Rosehill, Uhlich's institution is the only German orphanage in Chicago, and since children of all creeds are accepted by it, the appellation "German Orphanage" is well justified. In theological matters a sensible course prevails; the children are brought up religiously without resorting to bigotry or stressing any particular dogma.

    The home, which now takes care of sixty or seventy children, has suffered a considerable loss of income in these last years because of the decrease in value of the real estate included in Uhlich's endowment. The support of the Germans of Chicago is therefore urgently needed.

    The fact that the children are entitled to sympathy and aid is apparent to 2every one. It is to be hoped that Ogden's Grove will be crowded today.

    II D 4