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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- February 22, 1880
    The Fritz Reuter Monument - Treasurer E. S. Dreyer Resigns.

    The committee under the leadership of its chairman, Geo. B. Tiarks, held its meeting at "Feldkamp's, Quincy No. 9." corner Randolph and LaSalle Streets, last evening. The purpose is the erection of a monument in honor of the Plattdeutschen (low-German dialect) poet Fritz Reuter. The Secretary of the Committee... read the note of Mr. E. S. Dreyer, wherein he stated that he wishes to resign as treasurer, because of frequent spells of illness, and, furthermore, he intends to travel to Europe.

    The assignment for the creation of the monument is to be given to the sculptor Alois Loehr. The artist will not be able to arrive in Chicago before the end of the month and therefore the next meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, March 1st. The Committee is confident that its collectors will turn in their books to the new treasurer by the end of February. Thus far 53 subscription books are in circulation but only twelve have been returned to the Committee. Therefore the entire amount of contributions which have been promised are still an unknown factor. The names of the liberal donors will be published within a few days by the Staats Zeitung; also those who are still in arrears.


    The Committee...requests the German citizens to help defray the cost of the monument...which is to be erected in Lincoln Park.

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