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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- October 27, 1874
    The Opposition in the 17th Ward.

    A great meeting of the opposition party took place yesterday in Thielemann's National Theater.

    A. C. Hesing was the main speaker. He said: "Some time ago I was told, that I would not dare to enter the old settlement of the Germans on the Northside to make a speech, because all my fellow countrymen had once more become Republicans. Today's meeting is the best proof, that the movement started 18 months ago, is still alive. It is said that Hesing has left the Republican party: I maintain that neither I nor you have left the Republican party, but that the Republican party has left us. Then I had the pleasure in May, 1854 to speak at the same meeting with Mr. Hassaurek in Cincinnati, it was in order to found a new party in opposition to the Whig and Democratic party. Soon afterwards I moved to Chicago and in June of the following year the first Republican meeting took place and there I helped to found the Republican party. From this time until the revolt of the temperance fanatics I have adhered to the Republican party. But in the year 1871 the Republicans started to introduce their temperance laws in the legislatures.


    But it is not now only a question of temperance laws but also of corruption. When a man who a few years ago came to Washington as a poor soldier has now from 5 to 6 million dollars and occupies the chair of Washington and Lincoln, is it to be wondered at if corruption is widesprand in the Republican party.

    Robert Thiem the next speaker, said: "When one year ago I started to fight for our sacred rights, together with A. C. Hesing, Hermann Lieb, Carl Knobelsdorf, Adolf Schoninger and other German leaders, I never believed that I would stand here today, to fight once more the same enemy. In several states the Republican party has even pressed into its ranks the feminine sex, I mean the prayer sisters, those saloon hyenas, of which Chicago was free, due to our victory, on November 4th. The main thing is that politics must once more become honest. This can be obtained only if each of you takes an interest in politics."

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