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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 26, 1866
    A Noble Offer

    H. F. Bonnet has promised to give an entertainment for the benefit of Bernhard Wiedinger's School, which is located on the North Side (La Salle Street near Chicago Avenue). Although the expenses will amount to at least $200, Mr. Bonnet said he would charge only $100, which would take care of the most necessary items. This figure could be greatly reduced if the charges for rent, advertising, and music could be eliminated. Mr. Bonnet, whose entire company will donate its services, will do the managing and will make all the necessary arrangements, so that the school committee will merely have to sell the tickets.

    The directors of the school association have tried to avoid soliciting help from Americans. They are proud because only Germans have purchased bonds, and they have the satisfaction of knowing that the school building has been erected through none but German donations. Their motto is: "Education through the school and education through the stage!" [Translator's 2note: the school referred to in this article was established by local Americans of German descent for the purpose of "perpetuating a knowledge of the German language among their children and children's children".]

    II B 2 f, III A