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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 08, 1867
    A.Sink's Academic Institute

    "I take great pleasure in publicly thanking the parents and students of the evening classes for their oral and written expressions of appreciation of the excellency of my school.

    "At the same time I wish to state that in an effort to render myself worthy of your esteem I shall continue to apply all diligence and faithfulness to my duties as an educator.


    "A. Sink."

    We believe that we would be doing an able and conscientious, but very modest educator a grave injustice, if we published the above announcement without adding some remarks of our own, especially if we neglected to state that Mr. Sink is a well qualified and successful teacher, and that he has at heart the 2welfare of the children entrusted to his care. We are not recommending him blindly, for our testimony is based upon long observation and experience. We have attended the examinations of his classes and were astonished at the results. In his special classes, penmanship and mathematics, his children have made rapid strides, and we unhesitatingly advise all persons seeking an advanced course in commercial subjects to enroll in his school.

    II B 2 f, II A 2