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  • Abendpost -- February 14, 1932
    The Autobiography of the Popular German-American Opera Singer, Adolph Muhlmann, Is Published in Book-Form

    The Autobiography of the esteemed and popular former opera singer, Adolph Muhlmann, which some time ago was published in the Sonntagpost, in seven parts, under the title "A Rough Fellow" (The Evolution of An Opera Singer), now appears under the same title in book form.

    This excursion into literary spheres was brilliantly accomplished by Mr. Muhlmann at that time, as was sufficiently proved by numerous communications from the readers of the Sonntagpost. It occurs very seldom that readers are so carried away by reading an autobiography that they resort to such spontaneous demonstrations.

    Mr. Muhlmann's work not only introduces the interesting life story of an artist, but also leads into contrasting circles with which the artist, being a Cosmopolitan, had come in touch during his life which was so rich in various experiences.


    Of special interest is the cultural picture which he draws when describing the life of a small town in darkest Russia, which is untouched by world-civilization and abounds in superstition.

    Subscription advances are being mailed already. Lively interest is shown for the book which is published by the author himself.

    II B 2 d 3, II A 3 b