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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- November 30, 1871
    [German Jews and Christlans Cooperate in Rebuilding a Free Public Library]

    Yesterday's notice in the Illinois Staats-Zeitung regarding the urgent necessity of a public free library for Chicago has caused several Chicago Germans to give this question the attention it deserves. Dr. Chronik offers to work out with others an appeal to the German publishers - which he, with his considerable experience as a writer in Germany, thinks might be successful.

    We here reprint a clipping from the Illinois Staats-Zeitung from December 5, 1867.

    The Founding of a library and an Educational Association among the Israelites, without exclusion of the Christians..........

    Israelites! Will you collaborate with me, to found an Association with two aims: to further Jewish science, and to promote a nobler society.

    To attain the first, a library of ancient and modern Jewish literature, including the periodical, shall be founded....In creating it we would already be on our way, also toward the second aim, which is a nobler form of social intercourse.....


    Israelites! I appeal to all of you, without difference between the old and the new persuasion...Because as Jews you will all have to confess: that the love of science is a religious love, and that the ennobled social intercourse is a fact of religion.

    Because you are all made equally answerable by your religion for the increase of knowledge and the uplift of social virtues.

    Just because the whole of Jewry has been split by the divergency between the old and the new religious viewpoints, it would be twice as valuable to work in a field of unified effort.

    Men and women, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters! For self-evident reasons the cultivation of knowledge and the purification of good fellowship is in this country more urgently needed than abroad.....

    Israelites! Very well, let us then unfurl the banner of science in a nobler fellowship, with the just pride that this is the banner of our religion, - and 3even those who are not of Israel will join us. Chicago, December 5, 1867. Signed: Rabbi Dr. Chronik.

    The Chicago Israelites live spiritually with the Germans (Die niesigen Israeliten leben geistig mit den Deutschen und sind micht gesonnen fur sich eine separate Bibliothek zu grunden) and have no desire to found a separate library for themselves; least of all now, after the colossal fire losses and the destruction of most of their prayer houses and schools.

    The Chicago Tribune of yesterday carried a leading article, three-quarters of a column in length, under the heading: Demanded a public library....

    As a matter of course, the Tribune thinks only of its own people, that is to say, the American-born English population. However, when the law is being written, the Germans, Scandinavians and Catholic Irish, who have to share anyway in bearing the cost, should be taken into consideration, in proportion to their numbers. Otherwise, we will again get a sectional institute in place of a cosmopolitan one; Chicago needs it both for its permanent and its transient population.

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