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  • Abendpost -- January 06, 1896
    Lessing Evening.

    With a memorial celebration for the pioneer Art-Critic and dramatic poet, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, the Art and Literature Club brought yesterday, the first series of its poet's and composers' evenings to a conclusion...Yesterday evening offered to the 200 guests all types of true artistic enjoyment, but on the other side many bitter disappointments. Lessing's literary value received full credit in a masterly lecture of Dr. Emil Hirsch, while the recitals of the Messrs. Schutt and Merker hardly could satisfy expectations.

    A master performance was the oration of Dr. Hirsch who understood it in a most effective way to picture the life and work of the great Dramaturque and to captivate the listeners to the last. The lecturer pointed out that Lessing must be regarded as the pioneer poet to whom the German people is indebted for the preservation and refinement of its language. In his work "Nathan" the poet preached the gospel of love of mankind for all times and for all the people and pointed tolerance out as the greatest of all virtues of humanity. At the end the orator invited the Germans of Chicago to erect 2to their great intellectual hero aneverlasting monument in form of a German library for the Chicago University, a legacy, that shall carry Lessing's name and spread his glory also on American soil.

    It is unnecessary to add that these words were greeted by enthusiastic applause. Also the recitals of the pianist Miss Regina Zeisler and of the violin virtuoso Mr. Luigi von Kunits deserve to receive honorable mention.

    II B 1 d, II B 2 g, III B 2