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This article has a primary subject code of "Festivals, Pageants, Fairs and Expositions" (II B 1 c 3).
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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- August 30, 1870
    The Fair Opens Farwell Mall Beautifully Decorated

    [Translator's note: The first seven paragraphs of this article are an appeal to the public to co-operate with the German Patriotic Aid Society by attending and purchasing articles at a fair, held for the benefit of wounded German soldiers of their widows and orphans. This part of the article is irrelevant.]

    The following committees and salesladies have been appointed by the central committee:

    First table

    Finance committee: Miss M. Hinrichs, Mrs. G. Pruessing, Mrs. G. Lippmann.

    Salesladies: Miss. Emeline Kurth, Mrs. B. Leon, Mrs. O. Horwitz, Miss I. Lackner, Miss Clara Hinrichs.


    Second table

    Finance committee: Mrs. E. Juessen, Mrs. P. Campbell, Mrs. C. Mueller.

    Salesladies: Miss B. Florsheim, Miss E. Juessen, Mrs. B. Mueller, Mrs. N. Greenbaum.

    Third table

    Finance committee: Mrs. J. Polatscheck, Mrs. C. Jordan, Mrs. D. Anderson.

    Salesladies: Miss M. Polatscheck, Miss A. Richberg, Miss. P. Staab, Mrs. O. Clare, Mrs. C. Reed.

    Fourth table

    Finance committee: Miss F. Somme, Miss P. Hepp, Mrs. D. Engel.


    Salesladies: Miss H. Assendorf, Mrs. W. Molter, Mrs. O. Stolz, Miss M. Oertel.

    Fifth table

    Finance committee: Mrs. C. Goodkind, Mrs. P. Reinhold, Mrs. D. Schmidt, Mrs. E. Wothenow.

    Salesladies: Mrs. G. Hevermann, Miss R. Mertle, Miss F. Melms, Miss C. Hochbaum, Miss A. Mannheimer, Miss H. Shaberg, Mrs. A. Kirchhoff.

    Sixth table

    Finance committee: Miss M. Heinrichs, Mrs. D. Bluthardt, Mrs. A. Magnus.

    Salesladies: Mrs. P. Knadler, Miss H. Meyer, Miss D. Friedberg, Miss M. Telschow.


    Seventh table

    Finance committee: Mrs. F. Hoffmann, Mrs. O. Goldschmidt, Miss C. Kurz.

    Salesladies: Miss L. Hartmann, Miss H. Kahl, Mrs. P. Baum, Mrs. A. Loeb, Mrs. M. Meyer.

    Eight table

    Finance committee: Miss D. Kirchner, Mrs. J. Bertrand, Miss L. Mehrle.

    Salesladies: Miss G. Oppenheimer, Miss F. Huschle, Miss M. Hevermann, Miss K. Saum

    Ninth table

    Finance committee: Mrs. C. Vocke, Mrs. O. Thiele, Mrs. F. Frese.


    Salesladies: Mrs. M. Lichtenhein, Miss A. Unna, Miss L. Manigold, Miss P. Cassel.

    Tenth table

    Finance committee: Mrs. E. Knipke, Miss E. Metzke, Miss L, Juessen.

    Salesladies: Mrs. A. Steiger, Miss E. Suss, Miss C. Hahler, Miss B. Mannheimer, Miss M. Reitler.

    The parade in which the local Italian societies will participate promises to be very impressive.

    Order of the parade

    First division


    Meeting place: Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue.



    National Guard

    Company B. National Guard

    Great Western Light Guard Band

    Marshals and Adjutants

    Chicago Turngemeinde

    Union Turnverein

    Aurora Turnverein

    Vorwaerts Turnverein

    Germaina Turnverein

    Chicago Schuetzenverein

    West Side Schuetzenverein


    Second division

    Meeting place: Michigan Avenue and Washington Street.


    Freier Saengerbund

    Germania Maennerchor

    Concordia Maennerchor

    Arion Gesangverein

    Orpheus Gesangverein

    Frohsinn Gesangverein

    Teutonia Gesangverein

    Schleswig-Holstein Verein

    Hamburger Club

    Frohsinn Geselliger Verein

    Berliner Humoristischer Club

    Union Veteranen Unterstuetzungs Verein

    Arbeiter Verein


    Third division

    Meeting place: Wabash Avenue and Washington Street.


    Order of Hermannssoehnf

    All Orders of Chaldaeer

    Teutonia Lodge, #96, Harugari

    Harmonia Lodge, #130, Harugari

    Concordia Lodge, #15

    Independent Order of Red Men

    Robert Blum Lodge, #6

    Goethe Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

    Northwestern Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

    Knights of Pythias, Humboldt Lodge, #2

    Arbeiter Unterstuetzungs Orden


    Chicago Arbeiterverein

    German Employees of Union Hide and Leather Company

    German Workmen's Union


    South on Wabash Avenue to Van Buren Street, west to Desplaines Street, north to Lake Street, east to Wells Street, north to Ohio Street, east to Clark Street, south to Lake Street, east to Wabash Avenue, south to Madison Street, west to Farwell Hall.

    Any other lodges or societies desiring to join in the parade are requested to apply to Mr. Peter Hand, 130 North Clark Street.

    All the societies of the North Side will meet at the North Side Turnhalle on North Clark Street, at 8:15 A. M; the Societies of the Northwest Side will meet At Aurora Turnhalle, on Milwaukee Avenue, and the Societies of the South Side 10at the Vorwaerts Turnhalle, on West Twelfth Street; a band will be ready to lead the societies to their respective meeting places.

    The following men will act as assistant marshals: Alderman Buehler, Gustav Neuhaus, H. Schmehl, F. Schweinfurth, Ernst Sonntag, and M. Gottfried.

    Peter Hand, Marshal.

    II B 1 c 3, II D 10, III B 2, IV