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  • Der Westen -- August 31, 1879
    The Cannstatt Festival

    Today marks the beginning of the second Cannstatt festival which, to judge from the preparations, will be even more successful than last year's. Particular care has been taken in arranging the pageant, which is to represent scenes from the glorious history of the Swabians; anything savoring of advertising is, of course, taboo. No efforts or expense have been spared in providing historically accurate costuming; this will make the festival highly interesting from an educational standpoint, as well as most entertaining.

    The festival grounds (Ogden's grove), have been especially decorated for the occasion at considerable expense. The festival pillar, a veritable work of art, will be unveiled amid ceremonies which include a speech by Dr. Herman Sigel. A parade is to be held at the grove, grouping the various districts of Swabia, to provide a better opportunity for people of the several sections of that province to become acquainted.


    A prize is to be given to that child which wears the most authentically accurate costume; that will be quite sufficient to assure a very picturesque gathering. "Der Ueberfall Im Wildbad" will be presented in pantomime amid Bengal illumination. Fireworks and other attractions also have been planned.

    The surplus proceeds are to be given to a fund for a Schiller monument in Lincoln Park which, in itself, gives assurance of a large attendance at the festival.

    II B 1 c 3, II C