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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 03, 1871
    [Orpheus Society Gives a Concert]

    The Singing Society Orpheus gave its seventh big concert, Saturday, in the great hall of the German House. An unusual audience came together for it, almost all unknown faces from the North Side. The Orpheus can be proud to be able to draw the West Side in such great numbers to any place where it goes. Even the gallery was densely filled. In so far as the female choir appeared for the first time in public, this concert marks a new high point in the history of this society. The ladies sang "Auf dem Rhein" very laudably. The male choir sang "Heda, Wein her" quite excellently. Herr Schwartz did very well in a duet with Herr Schnadig, but had in "Des Sangers Fluch" a task that is thankless even for more highly trained artists. And again we ask for better articulation! The overture "Dichter und Bauer" executed on the guitar by Mesdames Ettlinger and Conrad, received stormy applause. Miss Carry Goldsticker did pretty well with a song. Under the direction of Otto Lob, the society constantly progresses in a gratifying way.

    II B 1 a