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  • Abendpost -- October 28, 1929
    Fall Concert Splendid Offerings of the Tirolean Male Chorus

    The usual Fall concert of the Tirolean Male Chorus was given at the Lincoln Turner Hall yesterday afternoon.

    The Tiroleans stick together, and their neighbors, the Bavarians, and even the Pommeranians give them ample support. They feel quite at home among the musically inclined children of the mountains. The girls and fellows appeared in costumes, as a Tirolean concert cannot be given differently. After all it represents a true picture of the people in their own land, with their songs and dances. With that in mind, this program was colorful and varied. It consisted of men's, women's, and 2mixed choral renditions not to mention some of the songs, which despite of their sentimental strain were lively and jovial. Above all, that typical indigenous humor of the Tiroleans was not missing. The girls, with their typical dresses a-flying, danced rhythmically while the boys applauded and slapped their leather trousers to express their joy, until the noise assumed the proportions of machine-gunnery.

    The instrumental renditions were no less exciting.

    Henry Marchetti's zither selections proved the inherent astounding, expressive qualities of the zither when a master plays it. Ralph Wassner's violin brought roaring acclaim, and Mizi Admont was stunning. Her rendition was an imposing accomplishment. She played so wonderfully that the violin even sounded when the bow had finished its work. Joseph Fallbacker, former ruler of the Bavarian heaven, 3and at present eternally youthful patriarch of Lake Marie, Antioch, and nearby counties, portrayed the native humorous characters.

    Dr. J. Kobalter, president of the Allied Austrian Clubs, gave a short speech.

    II B 1 a, II B 1 c 2