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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 03, 1872
    The German Theater and the German Public

    The constant complaint of the German theater that it has not been supported by the public, is answered with: "Give us a theater that will present good performances, and we shall support it." Of late, the German theater in Chicago has been showing some improvement. The play "Karlsschuler," produced by Louis Kindt, if not perfect, has nevertheless given the public a great deal of satisfaction.

    And not that the actors could be any better. How can anyone expect an actor to do his best when he is continually interrupted by a noisy audience indulging in drinking and smoking; when in the midst of a scene there suddenly resounds the crying of a baby; when there is an interruption in the act because two rough fellows are fighting, as was the case last Saturday evening in the Turnhalle Vorwärts.


    We maintain our assertion that good plays are possible, but to make them so both the actors and public must cooperate. We are glad that Mr. Kindt intends to put a stop to abuses. No smoking will be allowed, waiters will not be allowed to wait on the public during the play, and children under six years of age will not be admitted.

    Last Sunday two important English newspapers, the Inter-Ocean and the Times, were represented at Turnhalle Vorwärts. Reporters from these papers had come to write about the amusements of the Germans, and their German colleagues had to use all their influence to prevent them from telling the truth. We can say that last Sunday's play represented a new epoch.

    II A 3 d 1, I C, V A 2