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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 18, 1875
    Lincoln Park Concerts To Our German Fellow Citizens (Editorial)

    We are informed that the North Side Railroad Company and various others have refused to contribute money for the Lincoln Park concerts, if any of these performances are given on Sunday. Consequently many have followed this precedent and have also refused [to make contributions].

    While we cannot argue with private citizens about the Sunday question as long as they do not interfere with other people's Sunday diversions, we might wish, nevertheless, that they delve into their surplus funds and help....others enjoy this day. But we face a different situation with the North Side Railroad Company. This corporation operates its trains on Sunday, makes a profit thereby, and cannot, therefore, attribute its refusal to piety. Its conduct 2appears rather incomprehensible, particularly when one considers that a single Sunday concert, combined with fair weather, will bring the company an income three and four times its contribution.

    But we do not manage the North Side Railroad Company's business, and it must know what furthers its interests.

    However, it would be regrettable if the Sunday concerts failed to materialize because of the actions of this company and of others.

    In order to prevent any conflict because of divergent views, the Lincoln Park Commission has decided to accept special contributions for Sunday and Saturday concerts.

    Now it depends only upon a liberal-minded public, the German and American groups which enjoy Sabbath-day music, to realize Sunday concerts--to prove 3to the other side that its money is not needed.

    Summer is a brief period and not more than twelve concerts can be given. One concert costs one hundred and ten dollars, and thirteen to fourteen hundred dollars would defray the total cost.

    If all our prosperous Germans take an interest--and we entertain no doubts on that score--if the owners of summer gardens [Translator's note: Summer gardens: by this term the German understands picnic grounds, beer gardens, etc.] and refreshment places in the upper part of the city who derive considerable profit from the park concerts do their fair share, it would be a simple matter to raise the required sum. We believe that even the less prosperous will give contributions commensurate with their income.

    Let the Germans show that they desire these public concerts and that a small sacrifice does not matter to them when their views about Sunday amusements are involved.


    As a start, the Illinois Staats-Zeitung pledges twenty-five dollars.

    Who will follow our lead?

    II A 3 b, I B 2