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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- March 03, 1879
    Anton Buscher

    Anton Buscher, the wood carver, died after a long illness at his home on May Street. The deceased was born in Gamburg, Grand Dutchy of Baden, in 1825. He showed great talent for wood carving during his early youth and eventually this craft became his life's work. Coming to America, twenty-four years ago, he stayed in New York three years and then settled in Chicago, where he lived for the last twenty-one years. Within a short time he became well known as an expert wood carver and builder of altars, and there is hardly a Catholic church in the country which cannot show some of his work. His most imposing production is the main altar of the Jesuit Church of Chicago. Mr. Buscher's life was dedicated to his art. He associated with few people but was highly esteemed by those who knew him.

    He is survived by his widow and four children; the oldest, a son, is studying at the Academy of Art, in Munich, Germany.

    The funeral will be held at St. Francis Church, tomorrow, at nine o'clock 2in the morning.

    His personal friend of long standing, Reverend Caluelage, will officiate at the services.

    II A 3 a, V A 2