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This article was published in 1872.
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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 05, 1872
    [The Humboldt Park Residential District]

    The surroundings of Humboldt Park, the biggest park of the city which promises to become also the most beautiful, are on the way to transform into a magnificent residential district.

    That it can take only a short time till this so splendidly planned park will be densely surrounded by houses, no one who has witnessed the fast development of American cities and especially of Chicago, will doubt.

    Already there are beautiful houses around the ravishing little Wicker Park which lies between Robey Street and Milwaukee Avenue, like that of Alderman Buhler and others. Already the land between Western and California Avenue, between Blackhawk Street and Northern Avenue, is parcelled out and sold, and all other real estate in the neighbourhood of the Park is in the market.


    Part of this real estate belongs to the Humboldt Park Residential Association, a company to which we regard it our duty to call the attention of the German public. At its head stands Mr. Franz Arnold as, president; Carl Proebsting as secretary; and Heinrich Greenebaum as trustee, all three are men who enjoy the fullest confidence of the German public. This company offers the land which it owns according to a plan that is new for America, but has been found very successful in Europe.......We regard the enterprise as very timely and useful for the public, and believe that no one can better use his savings than by becoming a shareholder of this company. We are not surprised that, yesterday, in the four first hours, 260 shares of the company were sold.

    II A 2, II F