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  • Sonntagpost -- October 20, 1929
    Who Does Not Know Him? Karl Eitel

    [A line work sketch is published, about eight inches on two columns. Translator]

    The Bismarck Hotel is closely associated with Eitel Brothers, the leaders of this enterprise. Since the opening of the present hotel in 1926, the brothers have been its directing force.

    Karl Eitel is the younger of the two brothers, and like Emil [Eitel], who is the senior by six years, was also born in Stuttgart. The former's birthday being in January, 1871. He graduated from the gymnasium of his home town and continued his studies at the Technikum [Technical Highschool] in Reutlingen.


    Karl Eitel's ambition was a soldiery career, he wanted to be an army officer, but a throat ailment precluded this.

    Following the invitation of his brother, the young man came to America in 1891, and taking advantage of the fact that the Chicago World's Fair was in operation, the brothers opened the first Bismarck hotel on Cottage Grove Avenue and Sixty-Third Street. The success of that venture is well known, and culminated in the opening of the present hotel in 1926. In a moment of joviality, Karl Eitel admitted that the two remained brothers, neighbors,brothers-in-law, and partners for many years.

    The name of the hotel was the means of bringing the brothers in contact with the old empire's chancellor on several occasions. One of Karl Eitel's most cherished memories was his visit to Bismarck in April, 1894.


    At that time, Mr. Eitel presented the statesman with an illustrated deluxe album of the World's Fair, and one of his treasured possessions is a letter from Bismarck wherein he expresses his cordial thanks for the present.

    II A 2, IV