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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- April 24, 1862
    Fraud Committed through Soldiers' Votes

    In regards to the fraud which was perpetrated through the votes of Illinois Regiments in the attempt to force acceptance of the Egyptian Constitution upon the people of that state, the Quincy Tribune says:

    "The Commissioners whose duty it is to receive the ballots cast by the members of the Illinois Regiments on the new Constitution are already at work, according to the Herald. Among the four thousand ballots which they received, only sixty were against adoption, since most of the soldiers assume that the proposed document is a democratic regulation. In this way the proportion of numerical strength between Democrats and Republicans in the Army will also be established. The Army will furnish at least forty to fifty thousand votes for acceptance of the new Constitution."

    What ingenousness, indeed. Even we who are residents of the state of Illinois cannot form an opinion of the document at this time, for we have no 2official copy of it, and what the newspapers print about it is by no means reliable. And the soldiers in camp are in a less likely position; they have not even seen the newspapers, and they are voting on God only knows what kind of representations, or misrepresentations which will be amply supplied by the host of Democratic barkeepers who exchanged their saloon aprons for soldiers' uniforms. And that is supposed to be an election! The three Commissioners could just as well have voted for the whole Army during the first session of the Constitutional Convention, and before that body had started its work.

    The lists of dead and wounded show that there are many soldiers who hail from other states in the Illinois Regiments; they hail from Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, etc. No objection to their voting will be raised, although none of them have the slightest interest in the matter and are entirely indifferent to the issue.

    I J, I F 6