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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 09, 1871
    (Editorial Reprint of a Long Report in the N. Y. Tribune Concerning Reconstruction Conditions in South Carolina)

    The report of the Tribune correspondent appears to be truthful. Four years ago when the question of Negro franchise was current we pointed to the grave danger (unlike those vociferous "Radicals" who meanwhile have changed into "Liberals" and who believed in the supernatural effect of the franchise), - the grave danger of suddenly giving the right to vote to a class of people reared in ignorance, barbarism and slavery....Nothing that has happened since, has changed our conviction that thanks to the fear of Johnson's reactionary tendencies, and due to the Democratic outcry, Reconstruction was enacted prematurely and has done a grave moral injustice.

    ...Neither the masters, used to arbitrary rule, nor the slaves, unaccustomed to bear any responsibility, could have that understanding of civil equality that in a people must have become second nature.....What the South really needed would have been the continuance of direct Federal military administration, though restricted to the protection of life and property....Nothing like that 2was done, and now things have to run their course. And if they run badly you may thank Andrew Johnson for it.

    (Footnote of translator) The hypocrisy of this piece, and the uneasy Republican conscience that it tries to conceal rather clumsily, are really amazing. (Tr. Dr. Peter Olden)

    I H, I G