The Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey was published in 1942 by the Chicago Public Library Omnibus Project of the Works Progress Administration of Illinois. The purpose of the project was to translate and classify selected news articles that appeared in the foreign language press from 1855 to 1938. The project consists of 120,000 typewritten pages translated from newspapers of 22 different foreign language communities of Chicago.

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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 18, 1861
    Their Eyes Are Being Opened (Editorial)

    The Louisiana Staats-Zeitung of New Orleans is having swooning spells because "forced loans" are being considered. It envisages a tenfold or even a twenty-fold increase in state taxes, which are already very burdensome. The newspaper makes special reference to South Carolina and declares:

    "We have been informed by telegram that a tax has been imposed on all citizens of South Carolina, in order to defray the enormous expenditures which have been made necessary by the new situation, and which the citizens must shoulder if they do not want to be looked upon as malcontents. And this is done, although there is no prospect of war and although the total number of Government troops is not even three hundred."

    This forced loan by a state is the result of a precipitous act, South Carolina 2having assumed the functions of a whole nation; and now the state is obliged to establish and maintain its own army and navy, and its own postal service; but only a united South can raise the necessary funds. It is certain that Louisiana alone cannot do so in these hard times.

    Citizens, are you ready to fight for a cause which may subject your property to a "forced loan"?

    I G

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