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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- October 01, 1861
    Resolutions of Socialer Arbeiterverein

    In a meeting held September 28, 1861, the Socialer Arbeiterverein of the Tenth Ward passed the following resolution:

    Whereas, It is absolutely necessary that we wage a forceful war and use every means at our disposal if our efforts are to be successful; and

    Whereas, Slavery, the cause of the War now raging in our Republic, must be eradicated, and to that end the Southern Rebels must be conquered; and

    Whereas, The Germans in our free country look upon the procedure described in the proclamation of General John Fremont as the only correct way of suppressing the rebellion, and have been encouraged by that proclamation to continue war operations and to report for military duties in large numbers; and

    Whereas, President Lincoln's mutilation of General Fremont's proclamation has 2discouraged not only many Germans, but also a great number of Americans who came from countries other than Germany, and has retarded the enlistment of volunteers; therefore be it

    Resolved, That we fully indorse the resolutions adopted in public meetings at Coldwater, Michigan; Davenport, Iowa; Cottage Hill, Illinois; Racine, Wisconsin; etc.; be it further

    Resolved, That we consider President Lincoln's act of multilation to be treason against our country; be it further

    Resolved, That we urge all existing societies and organizations, especially those which have a German membership, to inform General Fremont of their attitude and encourage him by continuing to follow his principles, for in no other way can victory be attained, the country saved, and rebellion, treason, and slavery extirpated; and be it further

    Resolved, That these resolutions be published in all local English and German 3language newspapers, and that a copy be sent to President Abraham Lincoln and General John Fremont.

    I G, III B 1, III D